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mise en abîme

quiet mantra of the haunted

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quotes from works of theory
We post quotes from works of theory.
"Theory" is a large, somewhat ill-defined (or even ill-concieved) category, of course, but in general one can likely go with one's gut. Still and all, if you can't figure out what the hell a theorist or theoretical work is, look at the community interests for some ideas.

Some may think that theory is not well suited to being quoted at all, especially sans any context, qualifying, or explanatory material by whoever is doing the quoting. If you want to post more than just the quote you are welcome to. If you want to attempt to define terminology in use in the quote or comment on the historical moment of its production, or anything else you are welcome to do that as well. Still, though, I think quoting theory in a plain fashion is an interesting exercise and allows us to appreciate the moments when style, wit, vitriol, or personality shine in theoretical prose. This is literature, and can be as affecting as fiction or poetry.

Rules Guidelines for Posting:
1. in the subject line put the author's name with, if relevant, the subject in parentheses alongside, e.g. "Althusser (Marx)" would be appropriate if one posted a quote from Althusser's Reading Capital.
2. Make sure to put at the end of the post itself the author (yes, again) and the title of the work in which it appears. Page numbers & publication info are quite nice as well, if possible.
3. it is useful to all of us if we tag our posts... (n.b. tag authors by last name.